We have working plumbing!! It is so very exciting! The plumber is coming back tomorrow to set the shower, toilet and sink. The floors are all back on and insulated and Russ got all the bathroom frame built today.
Speaking of Russ he is doing great. He had to have an antibiotic shot and of course tetanus. His arm is healing well.

Russ took the boys to Rock City on Sunday. We have had so much rain the boys have major cabin fever;)

I love this picture of them!


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Same as the first only a little bit louder and a whole lot worse

This past week has had lots of adventures. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?
First up our oldest son turned 21!!


From there we went and got this;

Kitty sweetheart who is purging our house of pests but not this kind

We had rain all week and no dryer due to afore mentioned laundry room issues. I will not be defeated clothes were washed and dried.

Soap was made because seriously I just needed to do something normal!

Laundry room floor was removed.

One trip to emergency room due to a board coming up and a rusty nail going into Russ’s arm down to the bone. Tetanus shot moved up the list:)

One birthday cake made and decorated for me!
Photo by Kristopher.

And this ones for Hal and Lisa roots grow under our house too.

The rotten floor has all been removed. The joists have all been repaired and are now supported correctly! The plumber comes Wednesday to remove all the old plumbing and put in the new!! Then we will rebuild everything back right.

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Ongoing adventures in plumbing

When you last saw my bathroom it looked like this;


In the past two weeks we have had other issues. We learned that the joints under the only working toilet in the house weren’t glued which resulted in no bathroom in the house. Russ was able to get the joint glued but we are only able to use the toilet for peeing. All other uses must be done at the other house;).

Yesterday Russ started the process of ripping out the walls and floor. That brings us to our next issue as he stepped on a piece of the sub floor he went through and onto the water pipe which did not appreciate being stepped on. This resulted in a loud whooshing noise my husband sputtering and yelling for me to shut off the main water valve. Yes I know where it is!! We now have to go to Lowe’s for caps. I went to Lowe’s bought the caps get home to find that they are the wrong size.


This was my closet. The hole is where the bathroom mirror was.
By this point Russ is starting to remove the floors. I go back to Lowe’s for the right parts, when I get back we see the next problem.


The floor boards have been staple gunned down every two inches. It took crow bars to pry them up. Basically breaking them apart.


This is the view from my bed.

All the plumbing in the house has to be redone. The laundry room floor will be taken out as it it rotting underneath.

To sum it up the lessons I have learned:
1. All plumbing must run down hill.
2. All joints must be glued.
3. All joints must be supported.
4. Do not staple down floor boards.

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Joy in the ordinary

“That you may just find that an ‘ordinary life’ can be quite extraordinary, if you let it.” – Theresa Fisher

I just finished reading Joy in the Ordinary such an awesome book!! I have been struggling with finding the joy. Moving does that and the plumbing challenges. This story reminded me of the blessings I don’t see because I am busy looking at the trouble instead of the One that has everything in His hand. My ordinary life is extraordinary and so is yours!

My boys are happy to have chips, salsa and fruit smoothies for lunch.


Packing material makes awesome craft paper!



The fire pit rocks!!


Every morning I wake up to this;


“Bad days she must have, but the quiet contentment I saw in her face as her children explained their reading was enough to prove Peggy Malone definitely found joy in her ordinary sort of life.” Joy in the Ordinary by Theresa Fischer

May that be said of me as I interact with my family and others. Thank you Theresa for writing such an awesome book!!

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How We spent our first weekend back in the U.S.

This post is from my sister in love Lisa. A little background on this story. We have been having troubles with one of our toilets flushing. We had the plumber out to replace the toilet, the septic jettisoned and the septic emptied. Still the toilet won’t flush. We discovered an issue under the working bathroom sink. So we took out the vanity and cut a hole in the floor for the plumber to make the repair. Here is Lisa to tell you what happened next…..

So we arrive in Baltimore with plans of an early start to Georgia. Of course it takes us a while to get our car, Hal’s American maps won’t load on his gps and there is a tropical storm along the eastern boarder. So we stop at good ole Walmart to get another GPS, a go phone and some movies for the kids. So now we are ready to go.
So we get our start at noon with an estimated arrival of 11pm. Our drive is going great, then the GPS starts to take us the scenic route. It was awesome. Sarcasm gotta love it. So we finally make it to Tanya’s house. But you have to picture it. It’s night time, it’s dark but not like dark I mean like pitch black and it looks like I’m in a scene of a horror movie. Think of Jason, evil dead, or any of those scary movies where your like of course there is going to be any axe murder at the cabin that is out in the middle of no where. Why are you driving where no one can hear you scream and they won’t find your body? Needless to say there was no axe murder. But!!!!! There was a plumbing horror.
So I have to first say, don’t laugh at your sister n law when she has to carry her laundry to the second house to wash it and then bring it down to the main house to dry it because the universe will laugh at you and say ha we can make this even funnier. So all of the sudden the toilets wouldn’t flush, thank god this problem only is in the main house. So we get the plumber, I will now refer to him as the man. So the man looks at the plumbing with a very perplexed look and states that he has never seen anything like this in his 36 years. So the man cuts a pipe, unbeknownst to us, said pipe also drains the kitchen sink. So now we can no longer use the kitchen sink and dishwasher. Of course we have already cooked dinner. Now we have to lug the dishes from dinner to the second house so we can wash the dishes. This leads us to the decision of cooking breakfast at the second house. In the mean time, the men folk are outside digging up the crapper pipe that leads to the septic to see if they can drop it cause it is higher than the tank. If you have one thing that you need to remember in life is that crap does not roll up hill. Oh and yes us women folk did get out there and do some digging.

So now it’s Sunday. We wake up and have breakfast.
Now let the digging and root removal commence. Well we finish this job and the crap is now rolling down hill. Problem 1 fixed.
Roots that were under the septic. Onward to the next problem aka the open toilet pipe with the sink that drains into it. How do we fix this problem? Remove the sink, the toilet and try to remove the shower. Hmmm yep not going to work. The bathroom was built around the shower. Because this is how every red blooded American should build a bathroom. So needless to say, Russ got to use his new tigersaw to demolish the shower. On the bright side, they are completely free to remodel the bathroom however they want. Now we are going to grab dinner, make a second trip to lowes and fix the pipe so the kitchen sink will work. Fingers crossed. I for one have faith, because Hal and I have our on plumbing experiences that will ensure there is no need for a third trip to lowes. Well here’s hoping. TBC….



Those are the roots that were under our septic lines!!

P.S. here is what my bathroom look like now


P.P.S. There is no shame in my game. Girl go and fix your makeup. Lots of love Lisa!!

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Gratitude Sunday

This week I am grateful that:
1. Henry the snake who thinks my house is a good place to live isn’t poisonous.
2. I keep most of my data on external drives very handy when the computer kicks the bucket.
3. iTunes and the cloud. God bless it;)
4. My boys laughing with their daddy over photo booth on the new computer.

5. We have awesome neighbors who reassure me that Henry is harmless!
6. We are officially done with our old house.
7. The boys new room is finished and they are moved in!
8. The awesomeness of being able to make a meal from local foods and farmers.

9. Strawberry season locally is almost done but I have canned some fun things for winter; strawberry vanilla jam, strawberry lemonade concentrate, strawberry syrup, plain strawberry jam. As a bonus it looks so nice on top of my cabinets:)

10. Watching the fireflies dance outside my window at night.
11. Realizing how very blessed I am to be living out the dreams we have for our family!!

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Breakfast cookies

I don’t usually cook for breakfast but this recipe is worth it!
Breakfast cookies

I made the following changes:
no eggs
extra 1/4 cup water
extra 1/4 cup choc chips
Sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter


For the chocolate milk I put 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut shreds and 2 cups of water 2 tbsp penzy’s chocolate mint hot chocolate mix blended on high 3 mins


It is even frothy!!!

So yummy.

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The movers moved us yesterday! All the big things are moved in and now it is time to put everything together!!



The view from the back deck wrapped in a quilt because it is a little chilly!!


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Moving with a four year old

Shopping for the new house


Removing screws from the wall (yes I let my 4 yr old stand on the furniture with a screw driver:))



Momma finally finished the green spring vest which he has only taken off to sleep!!!



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Snapshots of our weekend

Pictures of the first weekend in our new house!





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