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We have working plumbing!! It is so very exciting! The plumber is coming back tomorrow to set the shower, toilet and sink. The floors are all back on and insulated and Russ got all the bathroom frame built today. Speaking … Continue reading

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Same as the first only a little bit louder and a whole lot worse

This past week has had lots of adventures. Let’s start at the beginning shall we? First up our oldest son turned 21!! From there we went and got this; Kitty sweetheart who is purging our house of pests but not … Continue reading

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Ongoing adventures in plumbing

When you last saw my bathroom it looked like this; In the past two weeks we have had other issues. We learned that the joints under the only working toilet in the house weren’t glued which resulted in no bathroom … Continue reading

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Joy in the ordinary

“That you may just find that an ‘ordinary life’ can be quite extraordinary, if you let it.” – Theresa Fisher I just finished reading Joy in the Ordinary such an awesome book!! I have been struggling with finding the joy. … Continue reading

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How We spent our first weekend back in the U.S.

This post is from my sister in love Lisa. A little background on this story. We have been having troubles with one of our toilets flushing. We had the plumber out to replace the toilet, the septic jettisoned and the … Continue reading

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Gratitude Sunday

This week I am grateful that: 1. Henry the snake who thinks my house is a good place to live isn’t poisonous. 2. I keep most of my data on external drives very handy when the computer kicks the bucket. … Continue reading

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Breakfast cookies

I don’t usually cook for breakfast but this recipe is worth it! Breakfast cookies I made the following changes: no eggs extra 1/4 cup water extra 1/4 cup choc chips Sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter For the chocolate … Continue reading

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The movers moved us yesterday! All the big things are moved in and now it is time to put everything together!! The view from the back deck wrapped in a quilt because it is a little chilly!!

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Moving with a four year old

Shopping for the new house Removing screws from the wall (yes I let my 4 yr old stand on the furniture with a screw driver:)) Momma finally finished the green spring vest which he has only taken off to sleep!!!

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Snapshots of our weekend

Pictures of the first weekend in our new house!

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