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Ongoing adventures in plumbing

When you last saw my bathroom it looked like this; In the past two weeks we have had other issues. We learned that the joints under the only working toilet in the house weren’t glued which resulted in no bathroom … Continue reading

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Joy in the ordinary

“That you may just find that an ‘ordinary life’ can be quite extraordinary, if you let it.” – Theresa Fisher I just finished reading Joy in the Ordinary such an awesome book!! I have been struggling with finding the joy. … Continue reading

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How We spent our first weekend back in the U.S.

This post is from my sister in love Lisa. A little background on this story. We have been having troubles with one of our toilets flushing. We had the plumber out to replace the toilet, the septic jettisoned and the … Continue reading

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Gratitude Sunday

This week I am grateful that: 1. Henry the snake who thinks my house is a good place to live isn’t poisonous. 2. I keep most of my data on external drives very handy when the computer kicks the bucket. … Continue reading

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