Joy in the ordinary

“That you may just find that an ‘ordinary life’ can be quite extraordinary, if you let it.” – Theresa Fisher

I just finished reading Joy in the Ordinary such an awesome book!! I have been struggling with finding the joy. Moving does that and the plumbing challenges. This story reminded me of the blessings I don’t see because I am busy looking at the trouble instead of the One that has everything in His hand. My ordinary life is extraordinary and so is yours!

My boys are happy to have chips, salsa and fruit smoothies for lunch.


Packing material makes awesome craft paper!



The fire pit rocks!!


Every morning I wake up to this;


“Bad days she must have, but the quiet contentment I saw in her face as her children explained their reading was enough to prove Peggy Malone definitely found joy in her ordinary sort of life.” Joy in the Ordinary by Theresa Fischer

May that be said of me as I interact with my family and others. Thank you Theresa for writing such an awesome book!!

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