Ongoing adventures in plumbing

When you last saw my bathroom it looked like this;


In the past two weeks we have had other issues. We learned that the joints under the only working toilet in the house weren’t glued which resulted in no bathroom in the house. Russ was able to get the joint glued but we are only able to use the toilet for peeing. All other uses must be done at the other house;).

Yesterday Russ started the process of ripping out the walls and floor. That brings us to our next issue as he stepped on a piece of the sub floor he went through and onto the water pipe which did not appreciate being stepped on. This resulted in a loud whooshing noise my husband sputtering and yelling for me to shut off the main water valve. Yes I know where it is!! We now have to go to Lowe’s for caps. I went to Lowe’s bought the caps get home to find that they are the wrong size.


This was my closet. The hole is where the bathroom mirror was.
By this point Russ is starting to remove the floors. I go back to Lowe’s for the right parts, when I get back we see the next problem.


The floor boards have been staple gunned down every two inches. It took crow bars to pry them up. Basically breaking them apart.


This is the view from my bed.

All the plumbing in the house has to be redone. The laundry room floor will be taken out as it it rotting underneath.

To sum it up the lessons I have learned:
1. All plumbing must run down hill.
2. All joints must be glued.
3. All joints must be supported.
4. Do not staple down floor boards.

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