Same as the first only a little bit louder and a whole lot worse

This past week has had lots of adventures. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?
First up our oldest son turned 21!!


From there we went and got this;

Kitty sweetheart who is purging our house of pests but not this kind

We had rain all week and no dryer due to afore mentioned laundry room issues. I will not be defeated clothes were washed and dried.

Soap was made because seriously I just needed to do something normal!

Laundry room floor was removed.

One trip to emergency room due to a board coming up and a rusty nail going into Russ’s arm down to the bone. Tetanus shot moved up the list:)

One birthday cake made and decorated for me!
Photo by Kristopher.

And this ones for Hal and Lisa roots grow under our house too.

The rotten floor has all been removed. The joists have all been repaired and are now supported correctly! The plumber comes Wednesday to remove all the old plumbing and put in the new!! Then we will rebuild everything back right.

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