Simple vacation dinner.

We are back from our vacation. We had such a great time! Russ and I so needed the time away to recharge and rest.

This year we took our camper, instead of staying in hotels. I have to say it was so nice to not have to try to cram everything in our car. We were able to have food with us instead of eating out for every meal. Plus an added bonus at the end of the trip we closed the door hooked up to the Yukon and away we went!! Such a blessing.

One of our biggest hits for dinner was cowboy beans, such a simple recipe and everyone ate their fill!! Yeah for no leftovers!!

Cowboy beans

3 large cans baked beans
1 lb ground beef browned with a packet of taco seasoning
1 lb bacon cut into bite size pieces and cooked

Combine all and allow to simmer on stovetop for 20mins.

Charlie showing me his smoldering look;)


Ry and K being silly!

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  1. barbara :) says:

    What a great time! Im so glad you guys had a chance to get away and have some fun!! I think a trailer would be awesome for vacation! hotels are nice, but not so much with kids!

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