Dance in the rain

The boys are tired of being inside. I hear them telling each other that I would never say yes. In this moment I remember the importance of dancing in the rain!!
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain…” – Vivian Greene20120804-144417.jpg20120804-144432.jpg

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Simplicity celebration Tuesday

Last week I finally tackled one of my least favorite jobs ever. I cleaned our outside freezer. Not just cleaned; completely purged and organized!!

The top basket is meats. The next shelf is freezer dive meals (meals made ahead, leftovers in meal packages). The third shelf basket is our bulk cooking packages. The bottom is chicken, stock, miscellaneous things. So great to be able to find things without the entire freezer spilling on to the floor.

On the door between the kitchen and the garage I posted a chart with exactly what is in the freezer. Makes meal planning so much simpler. What is better we are buying what we need to replace not just guessing.

I am linking this to “>

If you are looking to simplify read through Kathy’s blog. She also offers an Ecourse; Simplicity Parenting. The Ecourse changed our lives. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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First quilt done

This quilt has been sitting waiting for me for along time. It is made from reclaimed bed linens. I did use new batting. I tried a new way to quilt where you only sew the top to batting. Then the back is sewed on inside out and then turned out to create a no binding edge. I had to do it twice because I did it backward the first time. We will not discuss what I may or may not said at that point;). Now to finish all the antique quilts…



The plant in the back is our sweet potato plant that is finally planted.


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Camping trip

Here is a picture when we went camping in eastern Georgia


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Ryan in the snow

Ryan throwing snowballs

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Georgia Kids in snow

Charlie and Kristopher wave to the camera during our snow storm

Bundled up for playing

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Gnome hat

Just a quick post with the first of the gnome hat pictures. We are going to the mountains this weekend where we will capture the gnomes in the natural habitat!!

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Welcome to the Gingershack. We do a little bit of everything here. We homeschool our littles, live a (mostly:)) gluten/dairy free life, make our own soaps, and lotions, do some handcrafts. We are never bored!

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